Warranty & Tech Support

ITRES’ top priority to our customers is providing the industry’s leading after-sale customer service.

We recognize that the purchase of one of our performance sensor products requires a high level of trust and rapport. Trust in our ability to carry through on our pledge to provide you with the best after-purchase care in our industry. Our customers are our lifeblood, and our success as the leading hyperspectral sensor developer over the past three decades has been due to their successes realized through use of our products. Our Technical Support Group is key to establishing and maintaining this trust and rapport.


Let’s face it. Problems sometimes do arise with technology. No one in any high-tech industry can claim to the contrary. Companies who are leaders in their field don’t just make the best products, they stand behind them, establishing a high level of trust with their customer base.

The advanced nature of our sensor products demands that our Technical Support Group be able to draw upon the extensive and varied skills of each member of our staff when required. As a result, this group is larger than the Technical Service Manager and immediate support team. To the best of their abilities, all technical members of our staff, including management, work together to provide support to our clients, when and where they need it most.

The ITRES team has demonstrated this many times over the past three decades for our valued clients, many of whom are long-standing.


The ITRES Technical Service Manager and team provide you with a responsive and knowledgeable point of contact for assistance when you need it, via telephone or email. Our full warranty and service contract is a standard item on every sensor purchase. This agreement provides complete coverage for the following:

  • Complete and responsive technical support via telephone and email;
  • Sensor Hardware Support: repairs to hardware, electronics, and optical systems are fully covered for all instrument malfunctions occurring under normal operation;
  • Field Operational Support: ITRES recognizes the seriousness of field downtime owing to sensor technical problems. We make best reasonable efforts to provide on-site technical support, subject to availability of personnel and parts. Also subject to availability, a spare imager may be provided in the event that the client’s instrument needs to be returned to ITRES;
  • Data Processing Support: Assistance in data standard processing (radiometric correction, attitude and position data processing, geocorrection, orthocorrection, and bundle adjustment processing) is provided. Under separate contract, ITRES may also be able to offer full data processing services for clients wishing to collect their own data with their sensor(s) but outsource the processing to our experienced Applications Group; Sensor operation and standard processing training, including full documentation, on-site or at our facilities;
  • Standard yearly maintenance and sensor calibration service; Updates to software and documentation provided as they are made available.