Environmental Management is of primary importance in our ever developing world. Both our industries as well as natural events impact our lands, water, climate, and ecosystems. We’re all concerned that the environment is managed in a vigilant and sustainable way. ITRES Applications can help. ITRES provides valuable experience and technology to apply to many areas of Environmental Management. We can generate detailed and accurate maps that delineate numerous environmental characteristics. Some examples:

  • Vegetation classification & mapping
  • Vegetation stress and disease mapping
  • Wetlands management.
  • Ecosystem status and trends studies.
  • Wildlife population analysis.
  • Contamination & Spill Assessment

Our maps and images are easily manipulated in GIS and popular image processing software. This means that you can easily site assessments, site inspections, and feasibility studies. Furthermore, GIS can be utilized in waste management enabling waste managers to assess current waste facilities or site new ones. In addition, managers can share information in their organizations and coordinate with regulatory agencies to improve monitoring, transportation, and tracking of waste products. CASI data and GIS analysis integration can also be effectively used for:

  • Studying and managing ecosystems
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Emergency management
  • Analyzing wildlife populations
  • Tracking land cover community distribution
  • Monitoring protected areas
  • Monitoring bio-diversity
  • Managing coastal areas