With our leading edge sensors, ITRES effectively acquires, processes and analyzes agricultural data allowing clients to make timely and informed decisions about crop management and disease control. Over the past few years, ITRES has been working closely with various organizations to address large-scale operational agriculture programs. Missions have been conducted in South America and the Midwest and Southeast United States. Over 1,000,000 acres have been flown and processed to date. Multi-temporal hyperspectral missions are performed throughout the growing season. Geocoded information products are normally delivered prior to the next mission.

Itres Hypersectral imagers are able to detect and provide the following information:

  • Classification of crop type
  • Provide structure information about the health of the vegetatio
  • Extent of infestation or stress damage
  • Potential yield and soil conditions
  • Mapping of soil characteristic
  • Compliance monitoring (farming practices)
  • Assessment of crop damage due to storms and drought